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Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach me at rachel@wisemindcouselor.com if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Why should I go to counseling?

Counseling can be a great source of support for a lot of people. Oftentimes, people will come to counseling if they are noticing difficulties within their daily life or routine. You do not always have to be in a crisis to receive help. Sometimes, counseling can be a great opportunity to connect with someone that is able to validate your emotions and experiences. Counseling can also be helpful to uncover areas that you would like to make progress towards or receive tools for.

How do I know if my teen needs counseling?

Our teenage years can often be an exciting but stressful time. Your teen may need support if they are starting to struggle in school, isolate from social activities or other peers, are no longer engaging in activities that bring them joy, or spiral out of control with anxiety or anger.

What can I expect from a first session?

Our first session together will be an intake session. This entails gathering information about the client, what is bringing them into counseling, and ways that I can support the client throughout our time together. This is also a great time to ask any questions or voice any concerns.

How much is a cash-pay price of a session?

For out of the pocket price of a session, it will cost $145 for a 55-minute session. I also offer sliding scale spots as needed.

Does WiseMind Counseling accept insurance plans?

Yes we do! We are currently accepting United Health Care, Cigna, Aetna, and Colorado Access

WiseMind Counseling